Energy and the Economy

The Kansas City Fed actively focuses on energy-related economic research. Our work provides insights on the energy industry within our seven-state region of the Tenth Federal Reserve District, nationally and globally.

Energy Research

Energy Survey

The Energy Survey monitors energy firms located and/or headquartered in the Tenth District, with results based on total firm...

Energy Databook

The Kansas City Fed's quarterly Energy Databook summarizes indicators to help monitor trends and compare past information.

Energy Conference

The Federal Reserve Banks of Dallas and Kansas City hold an annual joint energy conference, which focuses on the key drivers...

Energy: An important sector in the midst of a crucial transition

Take a look into the 2021 Energy and the Economy Conference topic with real-world connections.

The Evolving Link between Oil Prices and U.S. Consumer Spending

Oil price swings are less likely to yield major changes in consumption, even among lower-income households.

Mining for Oil Forecasts

Forecasting oil market outcomes remains a challenge even with novel text-based analysis.

Death of Coal and Breath of Life: The Effect of Power Plant Closure on Local Air

The closure of a coal-fired power plant reduces local air pollution and mortality probabilities with an estimated local...

Older Energy Research