Highlights from the 2023 Energy Conference

Hosted by the Kansas City and Dallas Federal Reserve Banks, this year’s eighth annual conference was themed “Reshuffling the Energy Deck.”

Energy and the Economy

The Kansas City Fed actively focuses on energy-related economic research. Our work provides insights on the energy industry within our seven-state region of the Tenth Federal Reserve District, nationally and globally.

Energy Research

Energy Survey

The Energy Survey monitors energy firms located and/or headquartered in the Tenth District, with results based on total firm...

Energy Databook

The Kansas City Fed's quarterly Energy Databook summarizes indicators to help monitor trends and compare past information.

Energy Conference

The Federal Reserve Banks of Dallas and Kansas City hold an annual joint energy conference, which focuses on the key drivers...

Economic Bulletin

Gasoline Prices Unlikely to Bring Down Inflation in 2023

Gasoline prices are unlikely to relieve inflationary pressures any further this year.

Geopolitics at center of 2022 Energy and the Economy conference

Across a variety of energy commodities, developments in both supply and demand have led to rapid price increases.

Disruptions to Russian Energy Supply Likely to Weigh on European Output

The Russia-Ukraine war and subsequent oil sanctions from European countries have substantially disrupted the supply of Russian...

Energy: A Sector in a Pivotal Transition

The shift toward renewable sources has wide impact for the U.S. economy.

Turmoil in Commodity Markets

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which began in February 2022, has caused broad disruptions in global commodity markets.

Rational but Not Prescient: Borrowing During the Fracking Boom

Owners who leased natural gas rights in the mid-2000s expected large payments and so borrowed thousands of dollars.