The Kansas City Fed offers free economic and personal finance resources for educators, bankers and consumers. We believe individuals of all ages who understand how the economy functions and know what tools are available make better financial decisions.

Our Most Popular Resources

Teaching Economics with Baseball

Engage students in the history and economics of Negro Leagues Baseball through inquiry-based, skill-building activities.

Financial Fables

Read these entertaining stories that combine reading, economics and personal finance into life lessons with money morals.

Diversity in Children's Literature

Expose K-12 students to literature-based lessons that highlight diversity of race, ethnicity, culture, socio-economic status, etc.

Core Concept Cards

Help students grasp higher level economic concepts with the Core Concept econ cards.

Fifty Nifty Cards

These vocabulary cards are designed for elementary and middle school students to develop a knowledge base of economic terms.

Real World Resources

Use these resources that incorporate a variety of experiences, perspectives and examples to help students connect to content.

Jay Starts a Business

Help our mascot Jay Eagle start his own business in this interactive adventure about entrepreneurship.

Everyday Economics Videos

Hear from some of our economists on economic concepts they use in their everyday lives.

Teaching About the Fed

Helps students better understand how the economy works and the Fed's role in promoting price stability and maximum employment.



Entrepreneurship in the Classroom

View all of our resources on entrepreneurship for elementary through high school students.


Entrepreneurship in Action

Hear from entrepreneurs in the region about their path to starting their own business.

College and Career Readiness


Career Education in the Classroom

Gather the resources and information you need to discuss career options with your students.


21st Century Careers

Students can hear directly from local leaders about their career paths and development.