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Economic Bulletin

Timely, accessible snapshots of the Kansas City Fed's latest economic findings and perspectives on national and international economic conditions and issues related to monetary policy, industries and markets.

Recent Bulletins

Post-Pandemic Labor Shortages Have Limited the Effect of Monetary Policy on the Labor Market

Many employers are holding on to workers and hiring less-skilled workers due to severe labor shortages.

Failure of SVB Reduced Local Consumer Spending but Had Limited Effect on Aggregate Spending

While the failure of Silicon Valley Bank dampened consumer spending in some counties, aggregate spending remained resilient.

Economic Bulletin

To Reach the Fed’s Inflation Target, Interest Rates May Have to Remain Restrictive for Some Time

Although federal funds rate hikes began in 2022:Q1, the stance of monetary policy did not become restrictive until 2023:Q1.

Economic Bulletin

Financial Stress May Do Relatively Little to Reduce Inflation

Although financial stress can slow economic activity, it may be less effective in reducing inflation.

Economic Bulletin

Corporate Profits Contributed a Lot to Inflation in 2021 but Little in 2022

Corporate profits contributed a similar amount to inflation during the pandemic recovery as in past recoveries.

Economic Bulletin

Will High Underlying Inflation Persist?

Underlying (or prevailing) inflation could near 2 percent next year if current inflation forecasts are realized.