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Economic Bulletin

Commodity Prices Have Limited Influence on U.S. Food Inflation

Shifts in consumer behavior and higher costs along the supply chain have contributed to a surge in food prices.

Economic Bulletin

Price Pressures for U.S. Exporters and a Strong Dollar Have Increased Inflation in Foreign Countries

A strong U.S. dollar and price pressures for U.S. exporters have driven up export prices and, in turn, foreign inflation.

Economic Bulletin

Recent Appreciation in the U.S. Dollar Unlikely to Have Large Effect on Domestic Inflation

Because U.S. imports are billed primarily in U.S. dollars, a strong dollar is unlikely to dampen inflation.

Economic Bulletin

A Slowdown in Job Vacancies Is Likely to Coincide with Higher Unemployment and Slower Wage Growth

As economic growth slows, job postings are likely to decline, raising unemployment and dampening wage growth.

Economic Bulletin

Increased Loan Demand and Higher Interest Rates May Benefit Ag Banks

Ag banks could see higher net interest margins if supply chain disruptions drive up farm costs or interest rates rise.

Economic Bulletin

Assessing Market Conditions ahead of Quantitative Tightening

Reducing the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet may be more disruptive to markets in 2022 than it was in 2017.


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