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Timely, accessible snapshots of the Kansas City Fed's latest economic findings and perspectives on national and international economic conditions and issues related to monetary policy, industries and markets.

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Economic Bulletin

Inflation in 1972: A Cautionary Tale

Monetary policymakers today can learn from the FOMC’s struggle to curb inflation in the early 1970s.

Economic Bulletin

Disagreement among Households May Foreshadow a Rise in Inflation Expectations

A widening distribution of household inflation expectations may signal that median inflation expectations will increase.

Economic Bulletin

How Has the Current Lockdown in China Affected the Global Supply Chain?

Supply chain disruptions from China’s current COVID-19 restrictions are likely to be less severe than in 2020.

Economic Bulletin

Immigration Shortfall May Be a Headwind for Labor Supply

Reduced immigration to the United States in recent years has tightened labor markets.

Economic Bulletin

How Many Workers Are Truly “Missing” from the Labor Force?

Around 2 million workers are missing from the labor force relative to the pre-pandemic trend.

Economic Bulletin

Dampened Demand for Bank Loans Reflects Supply Bottlenecks, Not a Weakness in the Recovery

Persistent supply chain disruptions have weighed on retailers' demand for bank loans.


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