Economic Review

A quarterly research publication with articles on macroeconomics and monetary policy, regional and international economics, and banking and financial markets.

Recent Articles

Economic Review

Evaluating Quantitative Easing: The Importance of Accounting for Forward Guidance

Failing to account for concurrent changes in the FOMC’s forward guidance could overstate the effects of asset purchase programs.

Economic Review

Considering Bank Age and Performance for De Novo Status

Analysis of new banks’ financial performance over time supports a three-year period of enhanced supervision.

Economic Review

The Increasing Brick-and-Mortar Efficiency of Community Banks

Community banks have become more efficient on average since the 2008 global financial crisis.

Economic Review

Monetary Policy and Intangible Investment

Monetary policy could become less effective as investment in intangible goods continues to grow.

Economic Review

Do Net Interest Margins for Small and Large Banks Vary Differently with Interest Rates?

Bank NIMs are sensitive to changes in interest rates, but the sensitivities differ for small and large banks.

Economic Review

How Did Banks and Investors Respond to the 2020 Stress Test Results?

Supervisory actions in 2020 helped build capital levels at large banks but may have indirectly hampered stock price returns.


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