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A quarterly research publication with articles on macroeconomics and monetary policy, regional and international economics, and banking and financial markets.

Recent Articles

Economic Review

Hybrid Working, Commuting Time, and the Coming Long-Term Boom in Home Construction

In the long run, hybrid working could lead single-family home construction to almost double in the largest metropolitan areas.

Economic Review

Government Assistance and Moral Hazard: Evidence from the Savings and Loan Crisis

In 1989, S&Ls strengthened their balance sheets when the potential for future government assistance was withdrawn.

Economic Review

Cutting-Edge Methods Did Not Improve Inflation Forecasting during the COVID-19 Pandemic

During the pandemic, innovative forecasting models did not outperform baseline models in forecasting inflation.

Economic Review

Evaluating Quantitative Easing: The Importance of Accounting for Forward Guidance

Failing to account for concurrent changes in the FOMC’s forward guidance could overstate the effects of asset purchase programs.

Economic Review

Considering Bank Age and Performance for De Novo Status

Analysis of new banks’ financial performance over time supports a three-year period of enhanced supervision.

Economic Review

The Increasing Brick-and-Mortar Efficiency of Community Banks

Community banks have become more efficient on average since the 2008 global financial crisis.


Economic Review articles may be reprinted if the source is credited and the Public Affairs Department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City is provided with copies. Permission to photocopy is unrestricted.

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