Third Quarter 2023 Banking Conditions

Funding challenges impact earnings performance and liquidity positions.

Jeffrey Schmid
President and Chief Executive Officer

PDFClick here to read his opening remarks at the 2023 Energy Conference.

Tenth District Beige Book

Tenth District Summary for Beige Book

Economic Review

Black men without a college degree have seen especially strong gains in employment and wages during the pandemic recovery.

How Optimal Was U.S. Monetary Policy at the Zero Lower Bound?

Forward guidance and large-scale asset purchases effectively offset disinflationary effects from the zero lower bound.

How Much Do Nonbank Transaction Accounts Improve Access to Digital Payments for Unbanked Households?

Nonbank transaction accounts—such as prepaid card accounts or accounts with online payment service providers—can help unbanked...

Money Museum Educational Programming

Learn about the Money Museum's current educational opportunities for students.


Banking and the Economy Webinar: Credit Score Inequity

, CST Zoom Webinar

This webinar will address how traditional credit scores can be a barrier to affordable credit access and explore alternative options to assess creditworthiness.

Investment Connection - Oklahoma 2023


Presentations on eight new and existing community and economic development proposals from across Oklahoma will be shared.

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