Study Shows Surge in Savings During the Pandemic

Research found a significant increase in savings as a percentage of personal income amid COVID-19.

Esther L. George
President and Chief Executive Officer

Esther L. George is president and CEO of the Kansas City Fed and the Tenth District's representative at the FOMC.

Read her latest speech, "PDFOpening Remarks and Introduction at Racism and the Economy: Focus on the Economics Profession."

Improving Economic Conditions Reaching LMI Communities

Overall economic conditions for LMI populations improved over last quarter and last year. Optimism for LMI economic conditions into next quarter was at record highs for the index.

Economic conditions heighten urgency for affordable housing solutions

The Kansas City Fed is engaging tenants, landlords and others to help improve access to safe, stable living arrangements in...

Kansas City Fed Appoints Assistant Vice President and Community Affairs Officer

Teesha Miller will lead the Tenth District’s Community Development Division, which identifies and works to address pressing...

Tenth District Manufacturing Activity Expanded Further

Tenth District manufacturing activity expanded further with the highest monthly composite reading in survey history, and...

Rural residents get housing help

Investment Connection, a program of the Kansas City Fed, is playing a role in helping southwest Colorado residents get a boost in homeownership opportunities.


2021 Agricultural Symposium: The Roots of Agricultural Productivity Growth

Multi-day event, Webcast

The 2021 Agricultural Symposium will explore the key drivers of the persistent growth in agricultural productivity, linkages to other industries, and environmental considerations.

Investment Connection - New Mexico


Presentations on eight new and existing community and economic development proposals from across New Mexico will be shared.

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Let Us Put Our Money Together: The Founding of America's First Black Banks

This virtual exhibit tells the story of Black Americans' struggles to access credit and the nation's banking system, leading to the establishment of the nation's first Black-owned and operated banks.