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To celebrate National Economic Education Month, our economists share some of the economic concepts they use in their everyday lives.

Esther L. George
President and Chief Executive Officer

Esther L. George is president and CEO of the Kansas City Fed and the Tenth District's representative at the FOMC.

Read her latest speech, "PDFThe Long Return to Normal."

When Normalizing Monetary Policy, the Order of Operations Matters

As economic conditions in the United States continue to improve, the FOMC may consider normalizing monetary policy. Whether the FOMC reduces the balance sheet before raising the federal funds rate...

The Kansas City Fed Labor Market Conditions Indicators

The KC Fed LMCI suggests the level of activity declined slightly in September, while momentum was little changed.

Regional Investments in Renewable Energy Resources

The Rocky Mountain region attracts significant investments in traditional energy resources. Likewise, the region and...

10 years of Investment Connection

The program has connected more than $60 million in loans and grants, touching all seven states of the Tenth District, and is...


Banking and the Economy: A Forum for Minorities in Banking

Multi-day event, Virtual Event

The forum is designed to enhance the careers and networks of middle management to senior level leaders who are people of color in the financial services sector.

Toward an Inclusive Recovery: Understanding and Empowering Women’s Economic Participation


Join us October 21 for a research seminar that will explore issues related to women’s economic declines during the pandemic and the ability of women to participate equally in existing markets, post-recession.

Investment Connection - Kansas and Missouri


Presentations on eight new and existing community and economic development proposals from across Kansas and Missouri will be shared.

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