Tenth District Energy Activity Fell Again

First quarter energy survey results revealed that Tenth District energy activity fell again and is expected to decline further.

Jeffrey Schmid
President and Chief Executive Officer

Click here to read his remarks at The 2024 Agricultural Commodity Futures Conference in Overland Park, Kansas.

Observations from the Retail CBDCs of the Caribbean

Three retail central bank digital currencies (rCBDCs) have been issued in the Caribbean, but thus far all have struggled to achieve expected adoption from both consumers and merchants. The efforts...

Tenth District Manufacturing Activity Declined Further in March

Regional factory activity fell further in March, and expectations for future activity were again steady. Employment levels...

Tenth District Services Activity Grew Again in March

District services activity increased moderately in March, and expectations for future activity were steady. Sales growth...

The KCFSI suggests financial stress decreased slightly in March

The Kansas City Financial Stress Index (KCFSI) decreased slightly from -0.52 in February to -0.55 in March, remaining below...

New Small Business Lending Increases Despite Continued Constraints

New small business commercial and industrial (C&I) lending increased by 9.3 percent when compared to the previous quarter but...

Not Bullish: U.S. Cattle Herds Hung Up on Higher Interest Expenses

Cattle inventories declined to historically low levels at the start of 2024. Cattle producers may face challenges maintaining or restocking herds, as higher interest expenses on cattle and input...


2024 Midwest Anti-Money Laundering Conference

Multi-day event,

This annual outreach event aligns bank institution's Bank Secrecy Act and Anti-Money Laundering programs with law enforcement priorities.

Banking & Supervision Forum - Casper, WY


This in-person forum will provide an opportunity for district bankers to join us for a discussion on emerging topics and economic conditions.

Investment Connection - New Mexico 2024


Presentations on eight new and existing community and economic development proposals from across New Mexico will be shared.

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