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Our research staff conducts innovative research on monetary policy, the payments system, and regional and community issues.

Latest Research

Payments System Research Briefing

Walmart Checking and Apple Savings: Different Motivations, Similar Outcomes?

With plans to offer traditional financial accounts, Walmart and Apple may drive competition in the financial services industry.

Economic Review

The Evolving Role of the Fed’s Balance Sheet: Effects and Challenges

Reducing the Federal Reserve’s expanded balance sheet, which has provided substantial policy accommodation in recent years, ...

Economic Review

Can Higher Gasoline Prices Set Off an Inflationary Spiral?

When inflation is already high, an increase in gasoline prices can have an amplified effect on consumers’ inflation expectations.

National and International

Banking, Payments

Banking and Payments

Issues affecting the banking and payments industries

Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy

Monetary Policy and Macroeconomic Research

Research focusing on national and international economic issues

Data and Trends

Kansas City Financial Stress Index

The KCFSI is a monthly measure of stress in the U.S. financial system based on 11 financial market variables.

Data and Trends

Labor Market Conditions Indicators

The Kansas City Fed Labor Market Conditions Indicators (LMCI) are two monthly measures of labor market conditions based on 24 labor market variables.


Tenth District


Agricultural Research

Insights on agricultural and rural economies


Energy Research

Insights on the energy industry


Regional Research

Economic geography and developments for monetary policy deliberations

Community Research

Community Research

Research on challenging issues affecting economic prospects in low- and moderate- income communities


Publications and Speeches

Economic Bulletin

Timely, accessible snapshots of the Kansas City Fed's latest economic findings.

Economic Review

A quarterly research publication with articles on macroeconomics and monetary policy and regional and international economics.

Payments System Research Briefings

Briefings cover a range of topics, including payments methods and developments in payments networks.

Research Working Papers

Working papers cover a wide range of economic topics, including monetary policy, payment methods, banking and more.


Kansas City Fed President Esther George and economists travel around the Tenth District to speak to diverse audiences.

Research Staff

Jackson Hole Economic Policy Symposium

The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City hosts dozens of central bankers, policymakers, academics and economists from around the world at its annual economic policy symposium in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Economic Policy Symposium 2022:

Reassessing Constraints on the Economy and Policy