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Our research staff conducts innovative research on monetary policy, the payments system, and regional and community issues.

Latest Research

Economic Benefits and Social Costs of Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

Economic benefits of legal recreational marijuana are broadly distributed, while costs are more concentrated among individuals.

Comparing Measures of Rental Prices Can Inform Monetary Policy

The Zillow rental price index leads the official U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics rental dataset by about six to 10 months.

Labor Constraints and Strong Demand Are Driving Robust Food Services Inflation

Inflation for food services has outpaced inflation for other services due to labor shortages and a fast rebound in spending.

National and International

Banking, Payments

Banking and Payments

Issues affecting the banking and payments industries

Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy

Monetary Policy and Macroeconomic Research

Research focusing on national and international economic issues

Data and Trends

Kansas City Financial Stress Index

The KCFSI is a monthly measure of stress in the U.S. financial system based on 11 financial market variables.

Data and Trends

Labor Market Conditions Indicators

The Kansas City Fed Labor Market Conditions Indicators (LMCI) are two monthly measures of labor market conditions based on 24 labor market variables.


Tenth District


Agricultural Research

Insights on agricultural and rural economies


Energy Research

Insights on the energy industry


Regional Research

Economic geography and developments for monetary policy deliberations

Community Research

Community Research

Research on challenging issues affecting economic prospects in low- and moderate- income communities