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The Rocky Mountain Economist is a quarterly publication that provides economic information for the states of Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming.

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Inflation Hit Higher Peaks in the Rocky Mountain Region, But Is Following the National Descent

The Rocky Mountain region experienced higher inflation compared to households in most other parts of the country. ...

Data: Inflation in the Rocky Mountain Region

Explore selected inflation indicators for the Kansas City Fed's quarterly Rocky Mountain Economist.

Will Rocky Mountain Job Losses Be Worse Than When the Tech Bubble Burst?

Job growth during the first quarter was much slower in the Rocky Mountain region compared to the rest of the nation. Recent...

Labor Market Indicators to Watch in the Midst of Uncertainty

Historically tight labor market conditions over the past year continue to exert upward pressure on prices. However, tightening...

Is Remote Work Turning the Screw on Labor Market Tightness?

Businesses continue to face difficulties retaining workers and attracting new applicants. Those challenges are more acute in...

Household Financial Conditions in the Rocky Mountain Region

Some economic commentators suggest strong household balance sheets may provide some relief from the strains associated with...

A Local Look at Labor’s Share of Income

The share of total income going to workers tends to rise during economic downturns. The recent pandemic-induced downturn also...

How More Time Spent at Home is Influencing Housing Prices

Homeowners in some parts of the Rocky Mountain region are spending much more time at home than before the pandemic. ...

Regional Investments in Renewable Energy Resources

The Rocky Mountain region attracts significant investments in traditional energy resources. Likewise, the region and...

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