The Denver Branch is Colorado, northern New Mexico and Wyoming's connection to the nation's central bank through relationships with local staff who have insight into regional needs, economies and challenges.

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A Local Look at Labor’s Share of Income

The share of total income going to workers tends to rise during economic downturns. The recent pandemic-induced downturn also...

Immigration Shortfall May Be a Headwind for Labor Supply

U.S. labor markets are currently experiencing unprecedented labor shortages. Reduced immigration flows in recent years have...

How Many Workers Are Truly "Missing" from the Labor Force?

As of March 2022, the U.S. labor force participation rate remained one percentage point below its pre-pandemic level. After...

Monetary Policy and Intangible Investment

Monetary policy could become less effective as investment in intangible goods continues to grow.

Do Net Interest Margins for Small and Large Banks Vary Differently with Interest Rates?

Lowering interest rates may be disadvantageous to small banks relative to large banks, but raising interest rates is not...

How More Time Spent at Home is Influencing Housing Prices

Homeowners in some parts of the Rocky Mountain region are spending much more time at home than before the pandemic. ...

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Denver Branch Executive Nicholas Sly

Nicholas Sly is assistant vice president, economist and the Denver branch executive at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.


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