The Denver Branch is Colorado, northern New Mexico and Wyoming's connection to the nation's central bank through relationships with local staff who have insight into regional needs, economies and challenges.

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Current Monetary Policy May Be Less Restrictive Than It Seems

Compared with most historical inflationary episodes since the 1960s, the current U.S. inflation cycle features both higher...

Banks’ Commercial Real Estate Risks Are Uneven

Investors have been acutely attuned to commercial real estate (CRE) risks recently due to higher interest rates and changes in...

Regional Firms Are Disagreeing About How to React to Current Economic Conditions

There is an increased level of disagreement among firms about their respective economic outlooks in the Tenth District region. ...

Why Do Net Interest Margins Behave Differently across Banks as Interest Rates Rise?

Banks with declining net interest margins during the 2022–23 tightening cycle were more reliant on capital market funding.

A Regional Indicator of Commercial Real Estate Activity: The KC Fed CRE Index

The KC Fed CRE Index summarizes a variety of changes in regional CRE conditions with minimal lags.

The Tight Labor Market in the Rocky Mountain Region is Showing Some Signs of Easing

Labor market conditions are showing some early signs of softening, as imbalances between labor demand and supply are...

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Denver Branch Executive Nicholas Sly

Nicholas Sly is vice president, economist and the Denver branch executive at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.


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Rocky Mountain Economist

The Rocky Mountain Economist is a quarterly publication that provides economic information for the states of Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming.

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Beige Book

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