Omaha Branch

The Omaha Branch is Nebraska’s connection to the nation’s central bank through our relationships with businesses and communities across the state who have insight into local economic conditions and concerns. 

Latest Information and Resources

Nebraska Economist

"Producing" Growth

Manufacturing has been a source of strength for Nebraska's economy.

Nebraska Economist

Revenge spending in the wake of the pandemic

Nebraskans are spending more on experiences after the pandemic, according to recent research from the Kansas City Fed.

Nebraska Economist

Leisure and Hospitality: Strong Demand and Supply Constraints

Strong household finances, along with pent-up demand from the pandemic, has fueled discretionary spending on recreation.


Econ Challenge State Finals bring out the best and brightest

Top economic students in Nebraska competed at the Econ Challenge State Finals.

Nebraska Economist

Nebraska's Tight Labor Market: An Update to Long-Running Shortage Concerns

Labor markets have been tight in Nebraska for almost a decade.


How Gen Z and millennials are using social media tools to handle their money

Young adults use social media tools to manage their finances much more so than older people.

Nebraska Economist

How increasing prices in housing is affecting Nebraskans

Annual expenses for a new mortgage have increased sharply since the pandemic.

Nebraska Economist

Update on Nebraska's economy and household finances

Nebraskans appear to be in a relatively solid financial position, but increases in housing costs may constrain some households.

The Changing Landscape of the Traditional Office Environment

The look of the conventional office is changing, and that's creating an increase in office vacancy rates in Nebraska and the...

About the Omaha Branch

Omaha Branch

Omaha Branch Executive Nate Kauffman

Nate Kauffman is the Kansas City Fed's lead officer in Nebraska and the Bank's principal expert on the agricultural economy.

Board of Directors

Omaha Branch Board of Directors

Our seven-member Omaha Branch Board of Directors represent a range of industries across the state, and Nebraskans also serve on the Kansas City Board of Directors.

Omaha Branch

Omaha Branch History

The Omaha Branch opened on Sept. 4, 1917, as the first branch office of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. Learn more about our history.

Omaha Branch

Money Blomes Sculpture

The artwork represents the concept of "green and growing."


Research and Resources

Nebraska Economist

Nebraska Economist

The Nebraska Economist features ongoing information and insights on the state's economy.

Economic Forums

Nebraska Economic Forums

The Kansas City Fed hosts Economic Forums to share relevant insights on the economy and learn firsthand about local economic issues. The program includes a discussion...


Ag and the Economy

The Kansas City Fed is a leader on topics related to the ag economy. Our work provides insights on agricultural and rural economies for our region and nationally.


TEN Magazine

TEN is a publication that highlights the Kansas City Fed's research and practices through the experiences of everyday people from the region.