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Omaha Branch Board Appointments

January 08, 2016

Board of Directors Tom Henning, president and CEO of Cash-Wa Distributing in Kearney, and Kimberly Russel, president and CEO of Bryan Health in Lincoln, have been appointed to the Omaha Branch Board of Directors. John Bourne, International Representative, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Omaha, was designated chair of the Omaha Branch Board for 2016. Learn more about our Board of Directors. 

General Strength, but Some Cracks, in Nebraska’s Economy

January 05, 2016

Nebraska Economist Nebraska’s economy generally remained strong throughout 2015, but some signs of weakness have steadily emerged.

View Nebraska Entrepreneurs in Action

December 17, 2015

Economic Education The Kansas City Fed assembled a variety of easy-to-use classroom resources to help equip educators to include entrepreneurship in the classroom, including videos featuring Omaha entrepreneurs. 

Kearney Economic Forum

November 18, 2015

Economic Forum The Omaha Branch's Economic Forum in Kearney included an update on the U.S. economy and monetary policy. View the presentation.

About the Omaha Branch


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Staff at the Kansas City Fed's Omaha Branch:

- Provide insights and analysis on Nebraska's economy.

- Lead research on the agricultural economy for the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City and the Federal Reserve System.

- Work with Nebraska educators and, students, as well as the public, to promote economic and financial education and increase understanding of the Federal Reserve.

- Support community economic growth through research and resources for bankers, economic developers and small business owners.

- Promote a safe, stable and competitive banking system through the supervision and regulation of financial institutions while also providing proactive outreach to state member banks and bank holding companies.

- Meet with and speak to community and business organizations about economic conditions in the state and gather information and insights about diverse perspectives on the economy.