At-home work, commuting times and the future boom in home construction

Over the long run, time savings from fewer commutes could almost double single-family home building in the largest metropolitan areas.

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Football at the Kansas City Fed

Kansas City has had a great year - not only because of the Kansas City Chiefs winning the Super Bowl, but also because of the...

Ask an Economist: Lifetime earnings differences across Black and white individuals

Differences in years worked contribute substantially to earnings differences between Black and white individuals.

Annual OMWI report to Congress

The Office of Minority and Women Inclusion report shows how diversity and teamwork enrich the Bank’s workforce and practices.

Kansas City Fed hosts 'Girls in Tech'

Middle school students from the Kansas City area participated in the event, which encourages interest in STEM careers.

Annual Report for 2022

Read the 2022 Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City’s audited financial report and see reports from previous years.

Laptop donations continue Bank's digital inclusion work

The computers will be refurbished and distributed to community organizations and low-income households.

Presidential search continues

The Bank's presidential search committee is continuing its work to identify a successor to Esther George, who retired in January.

Beige Book: Get updated economic snapshots from the region

Reports are posted eight times a year. See the most recent Tenth District economic summaries and sign up to receive alerts.

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Inside the rise of Black consumer cryptocurrency ownership

Historical factors and forward-looking views help explain why cryptocurrency has become especially popular among Black consumers.


New funding better enabling states, groups to bridge digital divide

More than $65 billion will be made available to states, U.S. territories, local governments, community organizations and other entities to improve broadband access...


UCM team wins 2022 Code-A-Thon

In the Kansas City Fed's annual competition, the winning project was a software application to assist students returning from remote classes to in-person campus life.


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