Symposium explored structural global shifts

Discussions at the 46th Jackson Hole Economic Policy Symposium centered on significant and potentially long-lasting disruptions for economies worldwide.

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Jeffrey R. Schmid named tenth president of the Kansas City Fed

Schmid joined the Bank in August, bringing more than 40 years of regulatory and banking experience.

Facing headwinds: Ag Symposium 2023

The agricultural sector adapts and innovates as producers deal with weather extremes and rapid economic changes.

Labor market could keep rent inflation elevated

Among the reasons for higher rents: job gains, wage growth and increased demand following the pandemic.

Understanding the Bank Capital Analysis

The semiannual Bank Capital Analysis (BCA) provides a data-based resource to aid the public in judging the capital strength of...

Ask an Economist: The shifting expectations for work from home

Jason Brown and Colton Tousey explore the gap between employees’ preferences for work from home and employers’ plans and concerns.

From the Vault: An eclectic mix of building tenants

Over the decades at 925 Grand, the Bank's tenants ranged from barbershops and cigar stands to the FBI and the Postal Service.

Connecting at-home work, commuting times and the future boom in home construction

Senior Economist Jordan Rappaport foresees home building surging over the coming decades as remote work expands and more...

Helping communities take action

Learn how organizations in the Tenth District are using disaster-readiness resources and implementing energy-saving measures.

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Events in Richmond, Virginia, and New Orleans highlighted the Kansas City Fed’s book, “A Great Moral and Social Force.”


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News and notes


University of Kansas team wins 2023 Code-A-Thon

The winning team developed a program to help users learn Python, a computer programming language, through smart home devices.


Omaha Branch hosts Nebraska State Econ Challenge

More than 70 high school students took part in the state finals of the annual Econ Challenge to gain deeper understanding of economics and compete for awards and prizes.


Esther George: A 40-year perspective on community banking

In the face of many changes, community banks have remained a vital source of banking services for consumers and small businesses.