Career Education in the Classroom

We believe all students should graduate from high school ready for college, careers and life. The following resources will help students prepare to excel in the workforce.

Lesson Plans, Articles and Activities


Darnell Rock Reporting

This lesson introduces students to a book about a middle-schooler who learns about homelessness, jobs, and making a difference.

Skilled Trade Pays

In this lesson for grades 9-12, students will explore research and data based on opportunity occupations.

Teaching Tips 2.0 - Opportunity Occupations

Teachers can access resources to help students understand opportunity occupations as an option to consider for their career paths.

Common Cents: Work Ethic

Explore the characteristics of good work ethic - consistent effort, perseverance and positive attitude.

Common Cents: Preparing Kids for Life's Road Trip

This article provides activities to help students navigate career opportunities in our complex world.

Teaching Tips: Student Loan Debt

This article focuses on identifying the consequences of borrowing and the responsibilities of loan repayment.