Career Education in the Classroom

We believe all students should graduate from high school ready for college, careers and life. The following resources will help students prepare to excel in the workforce.

Lesson Plans, Articles and Activities

Alec Gets a Job

Help students identify skills that can make someone more employable and affect future career opportunities.

Skilled Trade Pays

In this lesson for grades 9-12, students will explore research and data based on opportunity occupations.

Teaching Tips 2.0 - Opportunity Occupations

Teachers can access resources to help students understand opportunity occupations as an option to consider for their career paths.

Common Cents: Work Ethic

Explore the characteristics of good work ethic - consistent effort, perseverance and positive attitude.

Common Cents: Preparing Kids for Life's Road Trip

This article provides activities to help students navigate career opportunities in our complex world.

Teaching Tips: Student Loan Debt

This article focuses on identifying the consequences of borrowing and the responsibilities of loan repayment.

Video Resources

Professional Development for Educators

Browse these on-demand webinars to help equip you on college and career readiness topics.

21st Century Careers Student Webinars

Expose students to a variety of career paths in this video series where they will hear from local leaders about their careers.

Fed Opportunity Occupations Video Series

Within the Federal Reserve there are several opportunity occupations; learn more about each position in this short video series.

Entrepreneurship in Action

In this video series, meet and learn from entrepreneurs across the region; discussion questions for students are included.

Additional Resources

Infographics and Fact Sheets

Use visual resources and infographics to help students better understand the career opportunities available to them in their region, as well as the skills they can develop to help them succeed in the future.

Career Education Infographics and Fact Sheets

Lesson Plans and Courses

External LinkBarbie in the Labor Force
Students use primary documents to review historical trends in women's share of the labor force and chosen occupations. 

External LinkCareer Opportunities at the Fed
The Federal Reserve has a wide variety of careers available in various fields, and this lesson will allow students to consider various career opportunities that may be available to them. 

External LinkDream Today, Job Tomorrow
This lesson teaches students strategies they can employ now to start preparing for their future dream job or career.

External LinkInvest in What's Next: Life After High School
This interactive mini-course provides information and tools to help you succeed after high school.

External LinkNavigate: Exploring College and Careers
Explore and evaluate careers and educational opportunities after high school, identify choices that will enhance their applications, research the cost and aid available and imagine their own path to success.

Other Resources

Want more on career education? Visit these resources from other Federal Reserve Banks and government agencies.

External LinkCollege 101 Infographic Activity
External LinkCollege Choice 101
External LinkCollege: Learning the Skills to pay the Bills
External LinkDatapost: "College Debt: Rising Student Loan Balances"
External LinkDoes College Matter - Podcast
External LinkEducation vs. Unemployment
External LinkEducation, Income and Wealth
External LinkFAFSA 101
External LinkFinancial Aid 101
External LinkGet an Education, Even if it Means Borrowing
External LinkInvesting in Yourself: An Economic Approach to Education Decisions
External LinkIs a College Cap and Gown a Financial Ball and Chain?
External LinkIs College Worth it?
External LinkKatrina's Classroom - Lesson 4
External LinkMaximum Employment Matters
External LinkSaving for College - Continuing FEDucation
External LinkSoft Skills - Page One Economics
External LinkThe Rising Cost of College
External LinkBureau of Labor Statistics - Occupational Employment Statistics
External LinkCFPB - Paying for College
External LinkFAFSA - Loan Repayment Calculator

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