Oklahoma City Branch

The Oklahoma City Branch is Oklahoma’s connection to the nation’s central bank. Located in the heart of downtown Oklahoma City, it serves the state of Oklahoma in research, bank examination and public outreach.

Latest Information and Research

Branch Executive Chad Wilkerson

Chad Wilkerson is Branch Executive of the Kansas City Fed’s Oklahoma City Branch office. In this role, he serves as the Bank’s...

Tenth District Services Activity Growth Remained Positive

Tenth District services growth continued to ease but remained positive, and activity was expected to increase at a moderate...

Tenth District Manufacturing Activity Remained Solid

Tenth District manufacturing activity growth moderated slightly but remained solid, and expectations for future production...

Where Are All the Workers?

This edition of The Oklahoma Economist seeks to identify the extent to which workers still are available in Oklahoma and show...

Oklahoma City Branch Centennial

The Oklahoma City Branch opened on August 2, 1920, as the third branch office of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. ...

Second Quarter Energy Survey: Tenth District Energy Activity Increased Steadily

Second quarter energy survey results revealed that Tenth District energy activity continued to increase steadily, with...

Education in Oklahoma

Supporting Oklahoma educators by providing free social studies, economic and financial education lessons and resources...

Oklahoma City Branch

Oklahoma Economic Forums

Economic Forums are an opportunity for Oklahoma City Branch economists to share insights on the economy and learn about local...

Oklahoma Economic Databook

The quarterly economic databook provide summaries of regional and national economic indicators for Oklahoma.

Serving Oklahoma

Oklahoma City Branch

About the Oklahoma City Branch

The Oklahoma City Branch is one of three branches of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, which serves the Tenth Federal Reserve District. It is located in the...

Oklahoma City Branch

Board of Directors

The Kansas City Fed values diversity of experience, industry, geography, race and gender on its Board of Directors.Directors oversee Bank operations and policies, and...

Oklahoma City Branch

Student Board of Directors

Learn more about the Student Board program and how to apply.

Oklahoma City Branch

Outreach Staff

Oklahoma City Branch employees are part of a rich history and legacy of serving the state of Oklahoma for 100 years through our network of relationships with...


Research and Resources

Oklahoma Economist

Oklahoma Economist

The Oklahoma Economist is a quarterly publication that provides economic information and insights on the state's economy.

Energy Survey

Energy Survey

The Energy Survey monitors energy firms located and/or headquartered in the Tenth District, with results based on total firm activity nationwide. 

Manufacturing Survey

Manufacturing Survey

The Kansas City Fed's monthly Survey of Tenth District Manufacturers provides information on manufacturing activity in the Tenth Federal Reserve District.

Services Survey

Services Survey

The Services Survey results reveal changes in several indicators of activity including sales, revenue, employment, and capital spending, and identify changes in...


Research Focus

Agriculture and the Economy

Research and updates from the Kansas City Fed highlighting developments in the agricultural economy.

Energy and the Economy

Kansas City Fed focuses on energy-related economic research. It provides insights on the energy industry within the 10th District.