Banking and Payments Research

Research staff analyze domestic and international payments systems as well as the banking industry.

Recent Articles

Failure of SVB Reduced Local Consumer Spending but Had Limited Effect on Aggregate Spending

While the failure of Silicon Valley Bank dampened consumer spending in some counties, aggregate spending remained resilient.

The Controversial Business of Cash-to-Crypto Bitcoin ATMs

The Bitcoin ATM industry continues to grow in the United States amid concerns about illegal or financially predatory behavior.

Economic Review

How Mergers in the Farm Credit System Have Affected Ag Banks

Ag banks likely altered some of their strategic portfolio decisions after an FCS merger in their local credit market.

Payments System Research Briefing

“Give Me Some Credit!”: Using Alternative Data to Expand Credit Access

Supplementing traditional credit reports with alternative data may help more consumers gain access to credit.

Economic Review

Addressing Traditional Credit Scores as a Barrier to Accessing Affordable Credit

Traditional credit scores do not always reflect a consumer’s creditworthiness and may drive disparities in credit access.

Research Working Paper

Which Types of Unbanked Households Are More (or Less) Likely to Open a Bank Account?

Unbanked households are more likely to open a bank account if they had one before and have access to digital payment methods.