Banking and Payments Research

Research staff analyze domestic and international payments systems as well as the banking industry.

Recent Articles

Research Working Paper

The Missing Tail Risk in Option Prices

Investors in the oil market consistently underestimate the likelihood of very low oil prices.

Payments System Research Briefing

What Consumer Surveys Say about the Design of a U.S. CBDC for Retail Payments

In the United States, potential retail CBDC users seek dependability, convenience, and security.

Economic Bulletin

Last-Minute Debt Limit Resolutions Have Increased Market Volatility

Previous U.S. debt ceiling episodes led to increased borrowing costs, financial market volatility, and uncertainty.

Research Working Paper

Employer Credit Checks: Poverty Traps versus Matching Efficiency

Banning pre-employment credit screening may help people improve bad credit scores but may reduce firms’ overall productivity.

Economic Bulletin

Is Bank Capital Regulation Driving Continued Use of the ON RRP Facility?

Limited investment opportunities, policy uncertainty, and administrative changes likely explain increases in ON RRP use.

Payments System Research Briefing

Walmart Checking and Apple Savings: Different Motivations, Similar Outcomes?

With plans to offer traditional financial accounts, Walmart and Apple may drive competition in the financial services industry.

Banking and Payments Resources

Payments Resources

Payments System Research Briefings
Our briefings cover payments methods, developments in payments networks, and various participants' roles in the payments system.

Payments System Research Working Papers
Our paper topics include payments methods, developments in payments networks and various participants' roles in the payments system.

Interchange Fees
An annual update of credit and debit card interchange fees in various countries, regulatory developments in the payment card markets, and trends in interchange fees assessed to U.S. merchants.

Payment Conferences Proceedings
Our international payments policy conferences focus on timely and important topics.

PDFGuide to ATM and Debit Card Industry - 2006 Update
This book is a 2006 update that documents industry trends and patterns and discusses their implications.

PDFGuide to ATM and Debit Card Industry
This book provides an overview of the history and development of the ATM and debit card industry, details the mechanics of ATM and debit transactions, reviews trends in ATM and debit transaction volume and pricing, and discusses industry and public policy issues.

PDFNonbanks in the Payments System
This book examines nonbank participation of payments activities and the roles nonbanks play in specific transaction types.

Banking Resources

Small Business Lending Survey
Quarterly collection of quantitative and qualitative information that can be used to understand credit market conditions for bank lending to small businesses.

Bank Capital Analysis
The Bank Capital Analysis provides a horizontal comparison of capital adequacy among banking organizations with different risk profiles.