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The Oklahoma Economist is a quarterly publication that provides economic information and insights on the state's economy.

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Where Are All the Workers?

This edition of The Oklahoma Economist seeks to identify the extent to which workers still are available in Oklahoma and show...

Oklahoma Economist

The Past, Present and Future of Black Wall Street

This edition of the Oklahoma Economist reviews the history of Black Wall Street, its economy in recent years and current...

One Year Later: Impact of COVID-19 on Consumer Spending and Mobility

This edition of the Oklahoma Economist evaluates the relationships between COVID-19, consumer spending, mobility and employment.

Oklahoma Economist

Housing: Bright Horizon or Cloudy Future?

This edition of the Oklahoma Economist reviews these diverging trends in the housing industry and where they may be heading.

Oklahoma’s Economy in 1920 and 2020—Some Similarities but Mostly Change

This edition analyzes the evolution of Oklahoma’s economy over the past 100 years—and how the near-term outlook is progressing.

The Path to Economic Recovery from COVID-19 and an Oil Price Collapse

This edition reviews Oklahoma's recovery and the economic downturn caused by the onset of COVID-19 and plunge in oil prices.

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