Financial Fables

Financial Fables are entertaining stories that combine reading, economics and personal finance into life lessons that feature "money morals." Through quick, interactive online tales, students can learn useful financial management skills that will better prepare them for the future.

Penny Pigeon and the Missing Nest Egg

Meet Penny Pigeon and her friends Rosa Robin, Carl Cardinal and Judge Blue Jay. In this fable, Penny Pigeon learns to hunt and save for her future nest egg instead of taking valuables from other birds through counseling from Judge Blue Jay. The story is centered on the moral: "A plan to save increases your nest egg for the future." The fable, in addition to the lesson plans and activities, is designed to teach students about the importance of saving and how to plan for both short-term and long-term goals.

Oscar Ostrich Faces the Future

Meet Oscar Ostrich. In this fable, Oscar Ostrich is taught to think about his future needs and set financial goals to become more confident about his financial future. The story is centered on the moral: "If you set and reach financial goals, your needs will be met in the future." View additional activities below.

Shopping Wisely with Olivia Owl

Olivia Owl and Penny Pigeon share valuable advice with Rhoda Roadrunner to improve her shopping habits in this fable. The story is centered on the moral: "If you plan and compare before shopping, you will use your money more wisely."

Percy Peacock and the Credit Crisis

Percy Peacock gets advice from Charlie Chickadee on how to handle credit purchases and payments successfully.  The story is centered on the moral:  "Use credit wisely and make payments on time to be a responsible consumer."