Agriculture and the Economy

The Kansas City Fed is a leader on topics related to the agricultural economy within the Federal Reserve System. Our work provides insights on agricultural and rural economies for our seven-state region of the Tenth Federal Reserve District and nationally.

Latest Updates

Ag Finance Update

Farm Real Estate Values Rise Sharply

Farmland values surged in the third quarter according to Federal Reserve Surveys of Agricultural Credit Conditions.

Ag Credit Survey

Farmland Values Surge Alongside Strength in Agriculture

Agricultural credit conditions remained strong in the third quarter and farm real estate values increased sharply.

Ag Bulletin

Third Quarter Ag Bulletin

The U.S. agricultural economy remained strong through the third quarter of 2021.

Ag Finance Update

Larger Livestock Loans Boost Farm Lending

Demand for livestock loans grew in the third quarter, boosting agricultural lending activity at commercial banks.

Ag Finance Update

Financing of Ag Production Loans Eases Further

Farm debt at commercial banks continued to ease in the second quarter.

Ag Finance Update

Agricultural Credit Conditions Continue to Improve

Strength in the U.S. agricultural economy continued to drive improvement in farm income and credit conditions.

Ag Symposium

2021 Agricultural Symposium Materials Available

Watch the archived webcast and review the materials from the 2021 Ag Symposium "The Roots of Agricultural Productivity Growth."

Ag Symposium

Ag Symposium Snapshots

The stories dive into the 2021 Ag Symposium topic, "The Roots of Agricultural Productivity Growth," with real-world connections.

Resources on the Ag Economy

Ag Finance Updates

Find articles summarizing recent developments in agricultural finance and lending.

Ag Credit Survey

The quarterly Ag Credit Survey provides current indicators of the financial performance of Tenth District agriculture.

Ag Symposium

The Kansas City Fed's Agricultural Symposium explores topics of current and emerging significance to agriculture.

Ag Outlooks

Review the latest Ag Bulletin for a summary of ag conditions and additional outlook articles on the ag economy.

Kansas City Fed Research

Find recent monetary policy, payments system and regional and community research from the Kansas City Fed.

Our Connection to Agriculture

The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City has a long history of focus on the U.S. and global agricultural economy. The Tenth Federal Reserve District, which includes Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Wyoming, northern New Mexico and western Missouri, is strongly connected to agriculture, from farm production and food manufacturing to agricultural banking and finance. Because the industry is vital to the region we serve, the Kansas City Fed is committed to understanding developments in the agricultural economy and gathering perspectives from rural America in order to include them in discussions on the national economy.

2021 Agricultural Symposium: The Roots of Agricultural Productivity Growth

The 2021 Agricultural Symposium explored the key drivers of the persistent growth in agricultural productivity, linkages to other industries, and environmental considerations.

This year's Agricultural Symposium took place virtually May 24-25.

The webcast recording and all materials are now available.