Agriculture and the Economy

The Kansas City Fed is a leader on topics related to the agricultural economy within the Federal Reserve System. Our work provides insights on agricultural and rural economies for our seven-state region of the Tenth Federal Reserve District and nationally.

Latest Updates

Ag Finance Update

Steady Growth in Farmland Values Continues

Agricultural real estate values remained strong through the end of 2023 despite a moderation in the farm economy and higher...

Ag Bulletin

Fourth Quarter Ag Bulletin

The U.S. agricultural economy moderated through the end of 2023 alongside lower commodity prices.

Economic Bulletin

Interest Expenses on Farmland Debt Could Challenge Farm Profitability

Crop producers with high levels of land debt may struggle to be profitable under higher interest expenses.

Ag Credit Survey

Farmland Values Remain Resilient

Agricultural real estate values in the Tenth District remained resilient through the end of 2023. However, capital spending...

Ag Finance Update

Smaller Loan Sizes Keep Farm Lending Activity Muted

New non-real estate farm lending activity at commercial banks continued to decline in the fourth quarter.

Ag Finance Update

Loan Performance Stays Strong as Farm Debt Grows

Farm debt balances at commercial banks grew steadily in the third quarter but loan performance remained strong.

Ag Credit Survey

Credit Conditions Soften with Farm Economy

Farm income and loan repayment rates were lower than a year ago for the second quarter in a row.

Ag Finance Update

Smaller Operating Loans Slow Lending Activity

Farm lending activity at commercial banks slowed further in the third quarter alongside a drop in operating loan volumes.

Economic Bulletin

Labor Constraints and Strong Demand Are Driving Robust Food Services Inflation

Although headline inflation has slowed in recent months, inflation for core services has remained elevated since the first...