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Revenge spending in the wake of the pandemic

Nebraskans are spending more on experiences after the pandemic, according to recent research from the Kansas City Fed.

Leisure and Hospitality: Strong Demand and Supply Constraints

Strong household finances, along with pent-up demand from the pandemic, has fueled discretionary spending on recreation and...

Nebraska's Tight Labor Market: An Update to Long-Running Shortage Concerns

Labor markets have been tight in Nebraska for almost a decade. Increasing participation among the youngest members of the...

How increasing prices in housing is affecting Nebraskans

Annual expenses for a new mortgage have increased sharply since the pandemic.

Update on Nebraska's economy and household finances

Large increases in housing costs may constrain the ability of some households to maintain current levels of savings and spending.

The Changing Landscape of the Traditional Office Environment

The look of the conventional office is changing, and that's creating an increase in office vacancy rates in Nebraska and the...

Nebraska Real Estate Markets Searching for Balance

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the use of space over the last three years, boosting demand for residential and industrial...

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