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The Nebraska Economist is a quarterly publication that provides economic information and insights on the state's economy.

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Labor Scarcity Remains Key for Nebraska’s Economy in 2023

A shortage of labor in the state has constrained business activity and inflation has been an ongoing challenge.

Nebraska Economy Remains Sound As Risks Intensify

The Nebraska economy recovered quickly in 2021, but steadied through early 2022 as risks to the outlook intensified.

Nebraska Home Prices Surging Amid Strong Demand and Limited Supply

Home prices in Nebraska have surged to all-time highs over the past two years.

Unemployment Insurance Accelerates Income Recovery in Nebraska

Household income in Nebraska may be near its expected pre-pandemic path by the end of 2021.

Infographic: Remote Possibilities?

View the infographic that accompanies the article Remote Work a Challenge and Opportunity for Nebraska.

Remote Work a Challenge and Opportunity for Nebraska

Intensifying labor shortages could lead businesses to consider the future possibilities of remote work.

Nebraska’s Economy Outperforms through Crisis and Recession

Throughout the crisis and recession, Nebraska’s economy has outperformed that of many other states and the nation as a whole.

Nebraska Small Businesses Still Face Challenges

A resurgence in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations at the end of 2020 has underscored the challenges that remain for small busine

Economic Disparities in Nebraska

Economic disparities in Nebraska existed well before the 2020 pandemic.

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