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Payments System Research Briefings

Briefings cover a range of topics, including payments methods, developments in payments networks, and various participants' roles in the payments system.

Recent Briefings

The Controversial Business of Cash-to-Crypto Bitcoin ATMs

The Bitcoin ATM industry continues to grow in the United States amid concerns about illegal or financially predatory behavior.

Payments System Research Briefing

“Give Me Some Credit!”: Using Alternative Data to Expand Credit Access

Supplementing traditional credit reports with alternative data may help more consumers gain access to credit.

Payments System Research Briefing

What Consumer Surveys Say about the Design of a U.S. CBDC for Retail Payments

In the United States, potential retail CBDC users seek dependability, convenience, and security.

Payments System Research Briefing

Walmart Checking and Apple Savings: Different Motivations, Similar Outcomes?

With plans to offer traditional financial accounts, Walmart and Apple may drive competition in the financial services industry.

Payments System Research Briefing

Promoting Payment Inclusion in the United States

Advancing payment inclusion may allow underserved consumers to participate more fully in the economy.

Payments System Research Briefing

Data Aggregators: The Connective Tissue for Open Banking

Data aggregators play a critical role in financial service apps, generating benefits as well as risks.