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Payments System Research Briefings

Briefings cover a range of topics, including payments methods, developments in payments networks, and various participants' roles in the payments system.

Recent Briefings

Payments System Research Briefing

As Earned Wage Access Grows, Oversight Tries to Catch Up

The growing popularity of earned wage access services has raised concerns for consumers, with some states beginning to respond.

Payments System Research Briefing

The Role of Core Banking Services Providers in Facilitating Instant Payments

Depository institutions rely on core services providers for support in key areas to implement instant payments.

Payments System Research Briefing

Observations from the Retail CBDCs of the Caribbean

The retail CBDCs launched in the Caribbean are not yet widely used but may offer insight on rCBDC adoption.

Payments System Research Briefing

Market Structure of Core Banking Services Providers

Three core providers dominate the market for core banking systems, which may affect banks’ ability to offer new services.

Payments System Research Briefing

Core Banking Systems and Options for Modernization

Many depository institutions need to update their back-end IT “core systems” to offer modern banking services.

Payments System Research Briefing

How Much Do Nonbank Transaction Accounts Improve Access to Digital Payments for Unbanked Households?

About 40 percent of unbanked households had a nonbank transaction account in 2021, allowing them access to digital payments.