Payments System Research Briefings

Briefings cover a range of topics, including payments methods, developments in payments networks, and various participants' roles in the payments system.

Recent Briefings

Payments System Research Briefing

Data Aggregators: The Connective Tissue for Open Banking

Data aggregators play a critical role in financial service apps, generating benefits as well as risks.

Payments System Research Briefing

The Cryptic Nature of Black Consumer Cryptocurrency Ownership

Black consumers increasingly own cryptocurrency due to historical reasons and the forward-looking views of young consumers.

Payments System Research Briefing

Assessing the Case for Retail CBDCs: Central Banks’ Considerations

Emerging economies have found more compelling reasons to implement a central bank digital currency than advanced economies.

Payments System Research Briefing

The Rise of Buy Now, Pay Later: Bank and Payment Network Perspectives and Regulatory Considerations

Incumbent players in the payments industry have started to respond to the rise of “buy now, pay later” payment options.

Payments System Research Briefing

When Paying Bills, Low-Income Consumers Incur Higher Costs

Low-income consumers rely on costlier methods to pay bills, even if they have bank accounts.

Payments System Research Briefing

The Appeal and Proliferation of Buy Now, Pay Later: Consumer and Merchant Perspectives

“Buy now, pay later” products offer benefits to consumers and merchants, but not without risk.


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