Professional Development for Educators

Our goal: equip and empower educators to incorporate economic and financial concepts in their courses. Access webinars, data and resources to help meet your classroom needs.

Curricula and Multimedia Resources

Real World Resources

Use these resources that incorporate a variety of experiences, perspectives and examples to help students connect to content.


Help empower students to consider entrepreneurship among their future options.

Career Prep

Help students prepare for college, careers and life with these lessons, activities, and infographics.

Federal Reserve Education

Want more resources? Search lesson plans and resources for educators from every Reserve Bank.

Historical Publications and Lessons

Dig into the history of the Federal Reserve with our free books and share with students using the associated lessons.

Childrens Literature

Children's Literature Lessons

Use these lessons to improve literacy skills and reinforce economics, career prep, a personal finance concepts.

Economic Vocabulary

Economic Education

Fifty Nifty Econ Cards

Fifty Nifty Econ Cards are designed for elementary and middle school students to assist them in developing a knowledge base of economic and personal finance words.

Economic Education

Core Concept Cards

Core Concept Cards provide a strong foundation of economic and personal finance vocabulary for secondary students.

Key Educational Resources

Economic Education

Jay Starts a Business

This interactive story takes 4-6 grade students into the world of entrepreneurship by helping them start their own business.

Economic Education

The Money Circle

These lesson plans for high school students focus on four concepts related to money, from the history of money to its use in their own life and our economy.