Everyday Economics Videos

Everyday Economics: Specialization

Are there economic decisions to be made when it comes to yard work? Explore how specialization might come into play in this video.

Everyday Economics: Opportunity Cost

A trip to the bookstore is a great way to learn about opportunity cost - whatever you give up to get something else.

Everyday Economics: Sunk Costs

Learn more about sunk costs, which are costs you've already paid for where the costs can’t be recovered.

Everyday Economics: Price Elasticity and Inelasticity of Demand

Filling up your car at the gas station can cause sticker shock when the price for a gallon of gas goes up by twenty cents overnight. But research associate Chaitri Gulati explains that you have an everyday economic decision to make as you face the pump.

Everyday Economics: Selection

The top quarterbacks in the NFL provide context for how we use selection in economic decision making - focusing on human behavior and the conclusions we can draw from it.