Engage students in the history and economics of Negro Leagues Baseball through inquiry-based, skill-building activities that also promote diversity.

Teaching Economics with Baseball

These lessons and materials include multi-discipline instruction and cultural components that can help students understand and celebrate the legacy of the Negro Leagues Baseball and how they transformed generations. Use these lessons to inspire critical thinking, creativity and active learning for kindergarten through 12th grade learners.

Let Them Play (Grades K-5)

After reading a reality-based story about an all-black Little League team that faced racial prejudice, students will determine resources used in the production of baseball-related goods and complete comprehension and analysis-driven activities tied to key vocabulary covered within the lesson.
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Unit One: Baseball Basics

  • Microlesson One: Markets, Goods and Services - 30 minutes (Elementary - Middle School)
    Students will identify goods and services found in the marketplace of a baseball stadium. They will also categorize images as goods or services and apply what they’ve learned to determine how we interact with goods, services and markets in our daily lives and community. Students show what they have learned through discussions questions.
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  • Microlesson Two: Consumers and Producers – 45 minutes (Elementary - Middle School)
    Students will learn a brief history about Negro Leagues Baseball and significant contributors to the leagues. Students will distinguish consumers and producers in baseball by interpreting geographical and numerical data about the Negro Leagues and associated teams.
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  • Microlesson Three: Jobs - 30-90 minutes (Elementary - Middle School)
    Students will learn about different players and jobs within Negro Leagues Baseball. Students will receive one or more Negro Leagues player profiles and use the information provided to complete various activities based on teacher preference and time allotted.
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Unit Two: Baseball Barriers and Breakthroughs

  • Microlesson Four: Segregation and Migration - 30-120 minutes (Middle School)
    Students will learn about segregation and the Great Migration as they relate to Negro Leagues Baseball. Students will examine primary sources and hear from the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum president to expand their knowledge of the Negro Leagues. They will also interpret a historical timeline featuring barriers and breakthroughs in the Negro Leagues through written, verbal and/or visual activities, based on teacher preference. Students will analyze Great Migration maps and U.S. population data and explain their views on fluctuations over time.
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  • Microlesson Five: Game Change – 30-60 minutes/activity (Middle School)
    Students will learn about Negro Leagues Baseball commemorative coins and their associated legislation and read about Negro Leagues teams to create their own commemorative coin and complementary legislation. They will also apply critical thinking skills to complete a vocabulary-focused crossword puzzle and to work collaboratively in developing and solving mathematical word problems tied to commemorative coin facts.
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