In honor of Black History Month, the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City has curated a variety of tools and resources that can help individuals, households and classrooms commemorate this important time of year. Explore the materials, developed by experts in economic research, history and education, below.

Historical publications and perspectives

Click here for a complimentary copy of the latest historical publication for the Kansas City Fed.

Banking and Payments research and resources

  • Inside the rise of Black consumer cryptocurrency ownership
    Historical factors and forward-looking views help explain why cryptocurrency has become especially p Historical factors and forward-looking views help explain why cryptocurrency has become especially popular among Black consumers.
  • Promoting Payment Inclusion in the United States
    In recent decades, entities in both the public and private sectors have worked to promote payment inclusion in the United States, whether by expanding the supply of transaction accounts or boosting consumer demand for them. However, more research and data collection are needed to better define and measure payment inclusion as well as evaluate how effective efforts have been to improve it.

Interested in finding mission driven lenders, including Minority Depository Institutions (MDI) and Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI)? See External LinkMDI and CDFI locations in your area. Additional information is available through our External LinkCommunity Development Investments Resource Guide.

Triple Play: Economic Impact

Bob Kendrick, President of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, explains the history and impact of Black baseball.

Classroom tools

  • Negro Leagues Microlessons
    Engage students in the history and economics of Negro Leagues Baseball through inquiry-based, skill-building activities that also promote diversity. Click External Linkhere to see the virtual Money Museum exhibit exploring the economic impact of the leagues.
  • Culturally relevant resources
    Explore these standards-based resources for educators to incorporate cultural relevance into the classroom for a variety of students.
  • Black Women Business Startups
    Access recent research and video testimonials focused on black female business owners and the unprecedented growth their startups have experienced over the past two decades, including a summary of national data and first-person interviews about their motivation, challenges, and support systems.

Entrepreneurship and small-business development

  • Small Businesses of Color Recovery Guide
    As the nation continues to work toward economic equity, and the demographics of the United States continue to change, the necessity of supporting the recovery of Small Businesses of Color (SBOCs) becomes imperative. The purpose of this guide is to help support the recovery of these businesses by providing readers with a range of ideas in the areas of small business credit and capital, education and training, policy recommendations, and community support.
  • Building Entrepreneurship Ecosystems in Communities of Color
    This guide gives ecosystem builders and local developers an overview of key concepts, and general recommendations on how to use entrepreneurship ecosystem building to develop high-growth entrepreneurship in communities of color.