Data and Content Curation Overview

Content Curation

Content curation services enable researchers to find and contribute to information about the state of research. We are working to document data inputs and methods for various fields in economics, greatly reducing research startup costs and allowing for more efficient and effective contribution to research and policy analysis.

For topics of interest, we are gathering, organizing, and displaying information to showcase some of the premier research on specific topics to:

  • Highlight the development of thinking over history in a particular area
  • Emphasize datasets typically or traditionally used for research in an area
  • Showcase methodologies used in that research
  • Provide code or tools that would be useful for researchers in this field

The Database Utilization Open Search (DUOS) system and database currently in development will be a key cornerstone to this service. Look for news on this project in mid-2016. The fundamental framework for this curated content is the data museum as outlined in the paper, Content Curation for Research: A Framework for Building a Data Museum.

Data Curation

Data curation is a suite of activities that occur across the data lifecycle. For early stages of research, we provide services and planning assistance for data acquisition, reuse, and analysis. Data librarians support the identification, negotiation, and acquisition of data assets required by research staff. Data scientists assists with particularly difficult data modeling or computations. 

In later stages of the research cycle, data curators assist with the documentation, dissemination, and preservation of research data. We host a data publishing environment to allow for the discovery and reuse of the datasets created by the research process. This allows for replicability of research, further enhancing the value of research done in conjunction with the Center. Look for information on this service in early 2016. 

Data curation services are available to Federal Reserve System researchers and their collaborators. Service offerings to other researchers are currently in development.