2022 Spring TEN Magazine

This issue of TEN Magazine explores the country's shift to renewable resources, the Kansas City Fed's joint board meeting, the recent increase in retirements across the U.S. and more.

Featured articles

Cattle industry’s complex pressures and prospects

Disruptions in the sector have highlighted long-term strains on producers and profits.

CDAC marks 20 years of insight, representation

The Kansas City Fed's Community Development Advisory Council achieved 20 years of service in 2021. Read about how the Council...

President's Message: Key influences for economic activity in 2022

Exploring the outlook for demand, the outlook for supply, and the outlook for monetary policy.

OMWI 2021

Explore the 2021 Office of Minority and Women Inclusion (OMWI) Report to Congress.

Ask an Economist: Bank profitability rebounds despite compressed interest margins

While traditional sources of U.S. bank revenue have struggled during the COVID-19 pandemic, overall bank profitability soared.

Smithsonian highlights book on history of Black-owned banks

Museum of African American History and Culture event features "A Great Moral and Social Force: A History of Black Banks."

From the Vault: Oklahoma City Branch’s home takes shape in 1922

One hundred years ago, construction started on a dedicated building for the Oklahoma City Branch of the Kansas City Fed.

Kansas City Fed earns top rating for LGBTQ+ equality

For the second consecutive year, the Bank receives a score of 100 on a leading corporate equality index.

Aadland assumes new leadership role; Morhaus to retire

Senior Vice President Todd Aadland has formally assumed division head responsibility for the Treasury Services Division.