2017 Spring TEN Magazine

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Increasing Participation: Workers staying on the job longer

One of the driving forces behind the increase in the labor force participation rate is older workers remaining on the job. The...

Rising rents: Housing affordability in the U.S.

Rental housing has become less affordable at the national level due to a variety of economic reasons. The fallout is that many...

Ship to shore: The relation of ocean freight prices to inflation

If shipping costs continue to increase, higher import costs may put additional upward pressure on core inflation, even if...

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Notes from around the Tenth District

A look at Kansas City Fedevents, programs and happenings from around the Tenth District.


Kansas City Fed relies on directors for insight

A closer look at Tenth District directors who began their terms of service in 2017.


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President's Message: A monetary policy for long-run economic stability

The outlook for the economy does not call for tight policy by any means, but a gradual and deliberate move to more normal rates is necessary.


Bank enforcement actions: The effects on loan contracting

Enforcement actions create reputational and credibility problems for sanctioned banks, and as a result, banks may have to compensate borrowers with better loan...