About Us

Our Strategic Goals

We are committed to assisting our stakeholders and the communities we serve to respond effectively to emerging challenges through the use of research, relationship building and resource development.

  • Research and Analysis
    Research is a key component in developing programs to address the needs of communities. Research not only serves local communities and partners but is broadly disseminated throughout the Federal Reserve System, providing insight to Fed policymakers.
  • Relationship Building
    Community Development brings together community partners on a regional and national basis to share ideas and innovative approaches to issues. Across its seven-state region, the Kansas City Fed has joined with hundreds of partners to promote economic security in underserved communities.
  • Resource Development
    As needs have grown, so has the role of Community Development, which has expanded its menu of educational programs, workshops and seminars to support not only community organizations but also consumers.

Our Mission

A truly strong economy is one that fosters growth and opportunity for individuals at all levels. To support these objectives, the Community Development department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City promotes community development and fair and impartial access to financial products in the Tenth District.

The Community Development staff serves all seven states in the Tenth District through branch offices in Denver, Oklahoma City and Omaha. While the Kansas City Fed tailors programs to the needs of its region, it shares goals with the 11 other Federal Reserve banks and the Board of Governors, giving it the ability to collaborate on successful programs that can be replicated regionally and nationally.

Our Focus Areas

  • Community Development Investments
    We implement programs in partnership with other regulatory agencies to provide community reinvestment training for lenders and to assist them in identifying community development investment opportunities.
  • Financial Stability for the Underserved
    We develop programs that expand and strengthen the opportunities for low- and moderate-income individuals and families to gain financial security through access to appropriate financial products and effective financial education.
  • Workforce Development Initiatives
    We identify economic needs, expand knowledge and promote successful models that assist communities with workforce development and support efforts to integrate economic inclusion into employment and training programs.
  • Healthy Neighborhoods
    We support housing and foreclosure solutions, strengthen neighborhood stabilization awareness, promote promising approaches to sustainable neighborhoods and develop and disseminate relevant and timely information.
  • Small Business Development and Sustainability
    We provide exposure and collaborative opportunities for small business development organizations, develop products that support small business and micro-enterprise development and participate in efforts that support minority and women owned businesses.

Our History

Created by Congress in 1913 to address periodic financial crises in the nation, the Federal Reserve System came to be charged with broader responsibilities, including fostering a sound banking system and a healthy economy.

Community Development was created in the 1980s mainly to help banks understand their responsibilities under the Community Reinvestment Act. But as it became active in development issues, Community Development forged new relationships with nonprofit community groups.

Over the years, the staff has sought out new opportunities for collaboration to assist low and moderate-income populations.With more than 25 years of experience, Community Development departments have become integral parts of their communities, keeping a focus on what is happening in the nation’s diverse geographic regions, stretching far beyond Washington, D.C., and Wall Street.

Community Development Advisory Council

The Community Development Advisory Council advises Bank President and CEO Esther George on current developments and emerging issues in community and economic development. Council members are community and business leaders from the Tenth Federal Reserve District's seven states and serve three-year terms. The Council meets twice a year with Ms. George and the Community Development department's staff.

Darla LaPointe
Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska
Winnebago, Nebraska

Marie Longserre
President and Chief Executive Officer
Santa Fe Business Incubator
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Shelley Marquez
Senior Vice President and Community Development Manager
Wells Fargo Bank
Denver, Colorado

Clyde McQueen
President and Chief Executive Officer
Full Employment Council
Kansas City, Missouri

Susan Plumb
Executive Vice President and Director
Bank of Cherokee County
Tahlequah, Oklahoma

Steve Radley
President and Chief Executive Officer
Kansas Center for Entrepreneurship DBA NetWork Kansas
Wichita, Kansas

John Santner
Midwest Region Director
NeighborWorks America
Kansas City, Missouri

Craig Showalter
President and Chief Executive Officer
Wyoming Community Foundation
Laramie, Wyoming

Katrina Washington
Broker / Owner
Stratos Realty Group LLC
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

(Council membership current as of May 2016)