In May, the Kansas City Fed's Kansas City Money Museum took down its Harry S. Truman Coin Collection for necessary conservation and appraisal. Experts from Stack’s Bowers Galleries spent two days cleaning and reviewing the Bank's 1,300 pieces of currency, which include many foreign, antique and commemorative items in secured storage.

As part of the conservation work, the museum staff will receive a report from the numismatists, experts in the study of coins, at Stack's Bowers . The report will likely include an assessment of the collection’s value, a rating of the collection, suggested additional conservation work and other recommendations for displaying, saving and storing currency.

The one-of-its-kind Truman Coin Collection includes coins that were in circulation during each U.S. Presidency, starting all the way back with George Washington. The collection is on permanent loan to the Bank from the External LinkHarry S. Truman Library & Museum. The collection is available for the public to view at the Kansas City Money Museum.

View behind the scenes photographs and learn more about the conservation process below.