Financial literacy is important at every stage of life, which is why the Kansas City Fed offers a variety of tools and resources for adults and children to stay informed when it comes to personal finance and the economy.

Since April is Financial Literacy month, now is a great time to explore some of these free materials.

For adults

  • External LinkPutting your paycheck to work
    The Kansas City Fed developed the following fact sheets for employees to understand and make the most of their paychecks. The additional resources for employers can be used to reinforce the information provided in the fact sheets
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Everyday Economics

You constantly make economic choices - you just might not realize it.

Our economists share some of the economic concepts they use in their everyday lives below. We bet you’ve likely made similar decisions (even if you didn’t realize you were considering the price elasticity of various goods).

For students

Explore our Education section, which hosts an online library of free economic and personal finance resources for educators, bankers and consumers.

Visit the Kansas City Money Museum and see how the Bank processes millions of dollars in currency each day. You can also lift a real gold bar, view the historic Harry S. Truman coin collection and enjoy fun, interactive exhibits about the U.S. economy.