In early March, the Omaha Branch Board of Directors and staff from the Kansas City Fed visited Lincoln to gain first-hand insights on the city’s economy.

On Thursday, March 8, Kansas City Fed President Esther George, Omaha Branch Executive Nate Kauffman, and Omaha Branch Directors toured Hudl, a Lincoln-based technology company that provides video review and performance analysis for sports teams.

Later that evening, the Omaha Branch hosted an Economic Forum at Nebraska Innovation Campus. Economic Forums are an opportunity for the Kansas City Fed to share insights on the economy and learn about local economic issues. During the event, President George and Nate Kauffman spoke to a group of over 150 attendees about the national and regional economy, agriculture, and monetary policy.

On May 9, Omaha Branch Board Member Kimberly Russel hosted the Omaha Branch Board of Directors for a meeting and tour at Bryan Health. Learn more about our Board of Directors.

For more information on Nebraska’s economy, read The Nebraska Economist.

During the Omaha Branch Offsite Board Meeting, President Esther George, Omaha Branch Leadership and Board Members toured Hudl, a Lincoln, Nebraska based startup.

President Esther George spoke at an Economic Forum in Lincoln, Nebraska on March 8.