CRA OneSource Impressions

Hear from CRA officers using CRA OneSource.

A Conversation with Maria Contreras-Sweet, SBA Administrator

Learn about some of the new resources the SBA has available to assist lenders and the small businesses you serve.

CRA OneSource Webinar

Learn more about this one-stop-shop for CRA resources, including publications, mapping and webinars. For additional information, visit CRA OneSource.

Defining Community Development for the CRA

Get an understanding of what qualifies for community development under the CRA.

Understanding the CRA and How it Might Benefit Your Organization

LMI Survey Discussion

The quarterly LMI Survey measures the economic conditions of low- and moderate-income populations and the organizations that serve them. The survey provides service providers, policymakers and others a gauge to assess changes in the economic conditions of the LMI population over time. Listen to the webinar below.

Intermediate Small Bank CRA Examination Audio Webinar

The Kansas City Fed, OCC and FDIC conducted a webinar for existing and soon to be Intermediate Small Bank (ISB) CRA officers. View the PDFpresentation from the event.