Jennifer Wilding, a community development specialist for the Kansas City Fed, provides communications, engagement, and research for the community development department.

Wilding edits the Kansas City Fed's community development newsletter, “Community Connections” and takes on special projects. For example, she serves as project director for a community-engaged research partnership. The Kansas City Fed, a nonprofit and a neighborhood organization joined together to hear from neighborhood residents about broadband internet. The report will be shared nationwide.

Before joining the Kansas City Fed in 2018, she was executive director of Consensus KC, a nonprofit consulting firm specializing in public policy and civic engagement. She worked on philanthropically funded projects in metro Kansas City, and for clients here and around the U.S.

Wilding holds a B.A. in urban affairs from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Her hobby is letterpress printing, using a 1,500-pound cast-iron press from the late 1800s.

Highlights of her work include:

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