“At every disaster, I always hear, “I never thought it could happen here or to me.” --FEMA liaison

Perhaps you’ve been following the outbreaks of extreme heat, wildfires, tornadoes, and hurricanes this summer. Extreme weather affects households and communities across the country. Whether someone recovers and the speed of recovery depends on how well they’ve prepared before the disaster. Financial preparation is an important element of that.

How resilient is your household or small business in case of a disaster? And how can you encourage preparedness in others?

Here’s an opportunity to share disaster financial preparedness information with your customers, employees, family, and friends with External LinkPlan.Prepare.Prevail. (P3) and other tools and resources from the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. The P3 suite of products provides easy-to-use and easy-to-understand tools for financial preparedness.

For example, the Federal Reserve developed this quick checklist to help you gather your important financial information and be prepared before a disaster strikes:

We’ll continue to provide updates and new information that’s helpful to grow and strengthen households, the small business sector and an economy that works for everyone.

Need help with printed materials (also available in Spanish) or messaging? Send me an email at Ariel.Cisneros@kc.frb.org

Check out a recent article in TEN Magazine on emergency preparedness at External LinkHelping communities take action on emergency preparedness and energy efficiency - Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City (kansascityfed.org)


Ariel Cisneros

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