Esther George in 1994

Kansas City Fed President Esther George’s retirement this year marks the end of a career that included numerous honors, milestones, and achievements. Nearly 30 years ago, one such achievement was highlighted in a Tenth District newsletter, illustrating the Bank’s support for employees striving to expand their education.

The article in the 1994 newsletter was titled “One for the Books.” It noted how George successfully juggled work and family life to complete the American Bankers Association’s Stonier Graduate School of Banking program. A paper she wrote during the program—Federal Home Loan Bank Membership for Commercial Banks: Benefits, Costs, and Public Policy Issues—was accepted into the school’s prestigious library. At the time, George was only the eighth Bank employee since 1940 to receive that honor.

In the newsletter, George described the commitment required to complete her studies while working full-time as a Bank executive. “I got up earlier, I drank a lot of coffee, and I made myself block out time to do this…Education of any type is going to contribute to your value as a person and the contribution you make to your job.”

As an employee benefit, the Kansas City Fed continues offering educational assistance across a broad spectrum of academic disciplines. Learn more about the Bank’s career opportunities and benefits at