2022 Winter TEN Magazine

This issue of TEN Magazine explores the country's shift to renewable resources, the Kansas City Fed's joint board meeting, the recent increase in retirements across the U.S. and more.

Featured articles

Energy: Key sector in a pivotal transition

The country is experiencing an important shift from traditional fuels to renewable resources.

Oklahoma City hosts joint board meeting, Fed Listens event

Activities included engagement with the state's Native American history, contributions, communities.

President's Message: Energy and lessons for the broader economy

Across a variety of energy commodities, developments in both supply and demand have led to rapid price increases.

Conference features women in FRS economic research

The Kansas City Fed hosts the first system-wide conference of women economists, highlighting careers in the field.

Ask an Economist: What happens when the minimum wage increases?

Monetary policy might amplify or dampen the response of employment and inflation to an increase in the minimum wage.

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum commemorative coins available

President Esther George participated in the unveiling of U.S. Mint designs for the museum's coin program.

From the Vault: In 'Fed Challenge,' teens portrayed central bankers

High school students learned about finance and the nation’s economy by playing the roles of monetary policymakers.

Banking forums help women, minorities expand careers, networks

“Minorities in Banking” and “Women in Banking” support women and people of color in the financial services industry.

What has driven the recent increase in retirements?

The share of the population in retirement has risen, but the main reason isn’t what many might expect.