The Kansas City Fed’s Omaha Branch staff recently joined the staffs of the El Paso and San Antonio branches of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas to host an informal discussion about focus areas and related topics.

Through the virtual event, Reserve Bank employees from the Kansas City and Dallas regions learned about similarities and differences between the Tenth and Eleventh Districts, specifically related to branch offices and how each office supports the mission of the Federal Reserve. Omaha Branch Executive Nate Kauffman and Roberto Coronado, senior vice president in charge of the El Paso and San Antonio branches, discussed the work conducted by each office as well as the diverse regions they serve.

Kauffman and Coronado also discussed their roles as Branch executives and economists. Kauffman has served as Omaha branch executive for 10 years. Coronado has led the El Paso Branch for 10 years and gained responsibility for the San Antonio Branch in 2021.

“We regularly visit with people in the communities we serve to learn about how business and economic conditions are evolving locally, which is especially valuable for individuals trained in economics,” Kauffman said. “We take in information from others who are making decisions in the midst of those conditions, and then apply our economic training alongside our access to other data sources to better understand and answer a variety of questions.”

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