The Kansas City Fed offers a wide range of free tools and resources to help students, consumers and educators broaden their understanding of economics and personal finance.

The Bank presents these resources year-round with the belief that individuals and families who are well-equipped can make better financial decisions. A few of the offerings for students and teachers:

Financial Fables – Entertaining stories blending life lessons with reading, economics and personal finance.

Jay Starts a Business – An interactive adventure featuring the Tenth District’s mascot, Jay Eagle, bringing students along as he flies into entrepreneurship.

Core Concept Cards – Interactive flash cards and activities to help students broaden their financial vocabularies and develop economic ways of thinking.

Currency and Coin Videos – A series of short videos explaining how the Federal Reserve sorts, stores and processes cash, coin and gold.

The Fed and You Videos – Short videos about the structure and functions of the Federal Reserve System.

Further Resources

Visit our Education page for the complete offering of financial education tools, videos and updated resources for students, teachers, bankers and consumers.