The U.S. government, with assistance from the Federal Reserve, has launched External Linka new website to consolidate federal financial information and help the public and analysts better understand how the country’s money is collected and spent.

The website, a project of the U.S. Treasury Department and the Bureau of the Fiscal Service, is designed to be used by anyone interested in government, Treasury or fiscal data. The site enables users to access comprehensive metadata, data documentation and data dictionaries. It also allows data to be downloaded in multiple machine-readable formats. Examples of data topics include debt, revenue, spending, the Monthly Treasury Statement and the Monthly Statement of Public Debt.

Contributors to the project spanned several organizations and included staff from the Federal Reserve Banks of Kansas City and St. Louis. Some of the Federal Reserve contributors also participated in a 2019 Treasury project titled “External LinkYour Guide to America’s Finances."

“Through our strong relationship with the Federal Reserve, we have been able to further our vision for using data to strengthen trust in the government, help create a public that is informed about the finances of their own government, and become a leader in the open data community", said Dan Cain, a data strategy director at the Fiscal Service.

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