Bill Snyder, longtime Kansas State University football coach, visited the Kansas City Fed in May and spoke with employees about the importance of pursuing goals and working as a team. Snyder volunteered his time through ToastMasters International and its Kansas City Fed affiliate, FedMasters.

Rather than focus on sports, Snyder shared lessons on inspiration and leadership, stressing the importance of surrounding oneself with people who are supportive and encouraging. He cited personal examples, including teachers, an elementary school principal, early employers and—most importantly, he said—his mother, who inspired and encouraged him. His lessons on success stressed the importance of teamwork.

“When you work together, it has to be in a setting where people admire and appreciate each other and get along well,” he said. “People working at arm’s length probably don’t get as much done as they could.”

He encouraged employees to work hard, set goals and continue to strive.

“To me the most important thing is self-expectations,” he said. “What do we expect of ourselves? I see so many who have lower expectations of themselves than they should.” Snyder’s talk with employees is one example of the Kansas City Fed’s focus on employee development and engagement.

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