Get a snapshot of low- and moderate-income (LMI) economic conditions in the Federal Reserve Tenth District.

Low-and-Moderate-Income Economic Conditions

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Improving Economic Conditions Reaching LMI Communities | May 6, 2021

Overall economic conditions for LMI populations improved over last quarter and last year. Optimism for LMI economic conditions...

Tenth District LMI Economic Conditions | January 15, 2021

Conditions continue to deteriorate in LMI communities.

Tenth District LMI Economic Conditions | July 10, 2020

Conditions deteriorated rapidly due to unprecedented job loss from COVID-19 fallout.

Tenth District LMI Economic Conditions | September 4, 2019

Encouraging developments in LMI labor markets and access to credit tempered by increased affordable housing concerns.

LMI Economic Conditions Archive

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About the Publication

This new publication is a consolidation of two existing publications: the LMI Survey and Tenth District LMI Labor Force Report, neither of which will be published separately in the future. The impetus for the change was a desire to provide information on economic conditions in the LMI community in a concise and complete publication. Each issue will continue to report results from the LMI Survey, and a labor market section will offer additional analysis of official labor market data relevant to LMI communities. Analysis of other topic-specific supporting data may also be employed occasionally. This publication will be released in early February and August each year. LMI Survey results from questions regarding the funding and capacity situation and outlook for respondents’ organizations and outlook for respondents’ organizations will be summarized in the September and March Community Connections publication.

We welcome feedback about the new, consolidated publication, including suggestions on data and issues you would like to read about in future editions. Comments, suggestions and questions may be directed to Steven Howland, Assistant Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City at

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