Federal Reserve District boundaries have been discussed many times since they were first defined and have been set for some time now. However, an easily accessible and accurate delineation of the boundaries does not currently exist in a central location. This may create challenges for Regional Banks of the Federal Reserve System, which attempt to provide an accurate picture of the economy in their region. Many times, state-level data are all that are available; however, when county-level data are available, FRS staff can produce more precise estimates of what is happening in a Federal Reserve District. This paper documents the current boundary information and the process used to create a new up-to-date and accurate visual representation of the Federal Reserve Districts. County-level shapefiles are created in ArcGIS for each Federal Reserve District, and access to these files is made available with the release of this paper.

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Keywords: Federal Reserve, Shapefiles, ArcGIS, ArcMap

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TB-1901, April 2019

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Tousey, Colton. 2019. “Federal Reserve District County Shapefiles.” Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Technical Briefing no. 19-01, April. Available at External Linkhttps://doi.org/10.18651/TB/TB1901


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