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The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City introduced The Macro Bulletin in July 2013 to offer snapshots of the Kansas City Fed’s latest macroeconomic findings and perspectives on national economic conditions and issues related to monetary policy. Beginning with the April 10 issue, The Macro Bulletin will carry on under a new name: the KC Fed Economic Bulletin. The publication will continue to offer short articles with clear insights based on original research conducted by staff at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. However, its research scope will be broadened to include all areas of economics and economic policy related to the Bank’s mission, including not only macroeconomics and monetary policy but also banking and financial markets, payments systems, industry studies, and regional and community research. We hope the KC Fed Economic Bulletin, like its predecessor, will engage a growing community of readers who are interested in economics, economic policy, and the work of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

Willem Van Zandweghe is an assistant vice president and economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.