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Tenth District Consumer Credit Report

By Kelly D. Edmiston and Daniel Perez

Tenth District consumer debt continues steady trend upwards.

Student Loan Relief Programs: Implications for Borrowers and the Federal Government

By Kelly D. Edmiston and Wenhua Di RESEARCH WORKING PAPERStudent loan relief plans can help struggling borrowers stay current on their debt and benefit from substantial debt write-offs in as little as 10 years, but these plans can impose a significant fiscal burden on taxpayers.

Residential Rent Affordability across U.S. Metropolitan Areas

By Kelly D. Edmiston ECONOMIC REVIEWKelly D. Edmiston examines recent trends in rent affordability for both low- and middle-income households and across metropolitan areas.

Tenth District LMI Economic Conditions

By Kelly D. Edmiston

Indicators of economic and financial conditions in low- and moderate-income (LMI) communities suggest that recovery may have stalled over the last several months.

Tenth District Consumer Credit Report

By Kelly D. Edmiston

Tenth District consumer debt continues to grow, but at a reasonable pace.

The Low- and Moderate- Income (LMI) Population in Recession and Recovery: Results From A New Survey

By Kelly D. Edmiston

Economic ReviewThe LMI Survey reveals specific challenges faced by LMI families and individuals in the recent economic downturn.

Nonprofit Housing Investment and Local Area Home Values

By Kelly D. Edmiston

Economic ReviewAffordable housing projects in low- and moderate-income neighborhoods may achieve benefits beyond those that may accrue to individual homeowners.

Could Restrictions on Payday Lending Hurt Consumers?

By Kelly D. Edmiston

Economic ReviewRestrictions could deny some consumers access to credit, limit their ability to maintain formal credit standing or force them to seek more costly credit alternatives.

Student Loans: Overview and Issues

By Kelly D. Edmiston

Research Working PaperStudent loans present problems for some borrowers, but student loans do not yet impose a significant burden on society from their fiscal impact.

Map Your Community

Map Your Community is a web-based mapping tool that allows users to create current and historical spatial economic and demographic conditions.

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Tenth District LMI Economic Conditions

Get a snapshot of low- and moderate-income (LMI) economic conditions in the Federal Reserve Tenth District. (The Tenth District LMI Survey and LMI Labor Force Report were consolidated into LMI Economic Conditions in August 2015.)

Consumer Credit Reports

Get a snapshot of consumer credit conditions in the Tenth District.

National Consumer Credit Maps

The New York Fed uses its expertise and knowledge to provide detailed data on U.S. credit conditions.

Economic Development in Underserved Communities

Read conference proceedings, including papers and presentations from the "Economic Development in Underserved Communities" national conference.

Unbanked and Underbanked Consumers

Study provides insight into the 2.3 million unbanked and underbanked households in the Tenth District.

Weighing the Effects of Financial Education in the Workplace

Study suggests that both employers and workers benefit from financial education programs in the workplace.