Community Connections

Community Connections is an online bi-monthly publication that provides information on community and economic development trends across the Tenth Federal Reserve District, including programs and issues affecting small businesses and low- and moderate-income communities.

Consumer Credit Reports

Consumer Credit Reports provide a snapshot of consumer credit conditions in each of the seven states in the Tenth District.

Low- and Moderate- Income Survey

This survey measures the economic conditions of low- and moderate-income (LMI) populations and the organizations that serve them. Results offer service providers, policymakers and others a gauge to assess changes in the economic conditions of the LMI population over time.


Community Affairs Papers

Community Affairs research papers focus on issues affecting economic prospects in low- and moderate-income communities and explore prospective solutions.

Booklets, Guides & Brochures

A Borrowing Guide for Tribal Members

Obtaining a loan to build, purchase, rehabilitate, refinance, or get a home equity loan on Indian tribal trust land can be a complex transaction. This brochure is intended to help tribal members understand the process.