KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI – The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City recently received the top score on an international measure of gender equity in leadership among all central banks globally. According to the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum’s (OMFIF) 2023 Gender Balance Index (GBI), released on April 21External Link, the Kansas City Fed scored 96 out of 100, placing it No. 1 on the measure.

Out of the 186 central banks around the world assessed by OMFIF, the Kansas City Fed claimed the top spot this year, demonstrating the Bank’s leadership is the closest to 50/50 equal representation between men and women among all institutions measured by OMFIF.

The GBI is weighted by seniority, with chief executive officers given the highest weights. A score of 100 reflects a perfect 50-50 split between women and men on this weighted measure.

According to the External LinkKansas City Fed’s 2022 Office of Minority and Women Inclusion Annual Report to Congress, which was also published in April, 61.5 percent of the Bank’s senior management team were women, and 42.5 percent of its officers and managers were women. This exceeds the 2020 Kansas City MSA averages of about 30 percent and 40 percent, respectively. In addition, the share of the Bank’s women Ph.D. economists rose in 2022 to 36 percent from 27 percent in 2018.

Visit External Linkomfif.org for more information and to read more analysis on the GBI. The Kansas City Fed’s diversity and inclusion efforts are detailed at www.KansasCityFed.org/diversity.

As the regional headquarters of the nation’s central bank, the Kansas City Fed and its branch offices in Denver, Oklahoma City and Omaha serve the seven states of the Tenth District: Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Wyoming, northern New Mexico and western Missouri.