The pace of technological innovation is sending ripples through the workplace, and employers and workers are struggling to keep up. That’s what individuals from the health care, tech, manufacturing and finance industries said at recent roundtables on digital skills. Understanding the shifting needs for digital skills in the 21st century is vital to regional economic growth. This External Linkspecial topic brief, recently released as part of the External LinkInvesting in America’s Workforce (IAW) initiative, explores what challenges and innovative strategies have been used to prepare workers with digital skills for 21st-century jobs.

The brief is the fourth of a series based on research and roundtable discussions with community leaders throughout the country focused on specific workforce-related topics. Visit the External Linkwebsite for updates about the next special topic brief in the IAW series.

In addition to this brief, chapters in the book External LinkInvesting in America’s Workforce: Improving Outcomes for Workers and Employers examine barriers to career advancement as well as strategies to invest in workers. Some of these chapters include:

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