TechEdge is an innovative program that gives entry-level talent a chance to take control of their future and inspire change in our organization.

TechEdge: Start Up with Stability

TechEdge is an innovative experience curated for entry level technology talent that focuses on developing key skills needed to drive change in our organization. We are intentional about your professional and technical development, allowing you to experience different roles over a 6 to 9 month period that align with your strength and passions, before identifying an area where you can thrive.

Bank employees through TechEdge enjoy valuable mentorship opportunities, exposure to the latest technologies, great benefits and workplace flexibility — all while working to support the nation's economic and financial stability.

The Kansas City Fed is a thriving community of more than 900 technology professionals. Join our dynamic and diverse team engaging with dozens of software products, technology projects, and IT programs.

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“The TechEdge program was perfect for me. It allowed me experience three unique roles over a nine-month period to better understand what I wanted to do long term. I was able to create meaningful relationships with mentors from around the Fed and find my passion in test automation. Now that I'm a TechEdge alumnus, I enjoy giving back to the program through campus recruiting, mentoring new recruits, and supporting our TechEdge network.”

-DeAngelo Young, Software Engineer Experienced
TechEdge Alum, Spring 2019

“TechEdge gave me the opportunity to explore different rotations to figure out what areas I enjoyed the most. The program places a strong focus on your growth, not just your technical skills. I had the opportunity to grow professionally, and I gained confidence in public speaking. Another great incentive about participating in the TechEdge program is having access to an immediate community and support system.”

-Allexus Frazier, Software Engineer Associate
TechEdge Alum, Spring 2022

“TechEdge gave me the affirmation I needed and boosted my confidence to know that I can succeed in different roles. The mentorship I received in each of the three rotations was great. The mentors not only take their time with you, but they go out of their way to ensure you meet others in the team. I was a little nervous and unsure about the program and work-life balance, but I can honestly say I have nothing but positives things to say about the Bank. It has definitely exceeded my expectations.”

-Jami Gooch, Software Engineer Associate
TechEdge Alum, Spring 2022

" While I was interviewing for the TechEdge program, it was nice to see the diversity and women in leadership positions. Seeing that the KC Fed had a female President showed me that it was a place where I wanted to work. It was not until my third rotation that I was able to find a role that balanced the need to grow my technical skills and interact with customers. Being part of management has always been something I wanted to do, so while I was in TechEdge, I valued the time we had to network and connect with all the Technology Managers and the mentorship opportunities they offered."

- Vaani Ranganathan, Assistant Manager
TechEdge Alum, Spring 2017

“Computer science is such a huge umbrella, and I didn’t know what I wanted in that space. The TechEdge program allowed me to drive my own career journey and explore paths through the program’s rotations. Personally, TechEdge was incredibly valuable for my professional career exploration. I was able to explore projects that I was interested in and work with different teams to develop technical and essential soft skills. With TechEdge you don’t have to know it all right away or even come in with a clear plan—just be open to new opportunities.”

- Jay Wolf, Product Owner
TechEdge Alum, Fall 2018

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