State Member Banks (SMBs) must notify the Federal Reserve or obtain Federal Reserve approval before engaging in certain transactions. These transactions include: mergers, branches, changes in control involving certain shareholders, and a change in the general character of a bank’s business.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact us from the contacts listed on the Applications and Membership page for information prior to the submission of an application. Filing forms and general guidance and instructions for SMB filings can be accessed using the following links:

External LinkBank Merger

External LinkBank Service Company

External LinkChange in Control

External LinkChanges in the General Character of a State Member Bank's Business

External LinkDomestic Branches

External LinkPremises Acquisition

External LinkNotice of Addition or Change in Directors or Senior Executive Officers

Applicants are highly encouraged to use FedEZFile - a secure web-based system that allows organizations to submit applications to the Federal Reserve online. External LinkClick here for details.