The Kansas City Fed and its Branches in Denver, Oklahoma City and Omaha are guided by its management committee, senior leaders, Boards of Directors and advisory councils.

Meet our leaders

Senior Management

Senior Management guides our organization's mission, vision, values and objectives.

Board of Directors

Each of the 12 Federal Reserve Banks is led by a local board of directors. The Board ensures broad and diverse views from the...

Student Board of Directors

The Kansas City Fed's Student Board of Directors program gives students the opportunity to learn about the Federal Reserve.

Advisory Councils


Community Development Advisory Council

The Community Development Advisory Council (CDAC) was established in 2001 and provides insights on community and economic development challenges faced by low- to...


Economic Advisory Council

Established in 1985, the Economic Advisory Council (EAC) consists of business representatives from across the Tenth Federal Reserve District. The EAC meets with...


10J Payments Advisory Group

Members of JPAG represent financial institutions around the Tenth District.


Community Depository Institutions Advisory Council

Established in 2011, the Community Depository Institutions Advisory Council (CDIAC) provides a forum for small financial institutions.


Branch Leadership


Nate Kauffman

Senior Vice President, Economist and Omaha Branch Executive


Nicholas Sly

Vice President and Denver Branch Executive


Chad Wilkerson

Senior Vice President, Economist and Oklahoma City Branch Executive