2021 Summer TEN Magazine

Featured articles

The roots of agricultural productivity growth

Exploring ag's challenges and responses.

Studio 10 video: Using technology on the farm

Kansas farm operator describes how tech drives profitability.

President’s Message: The outlook for demand, inflation and productivity

The importance of productivity growth extends well beyond agriculture.

TEN readers: We want to hear from you

Share your opinions in a brief survey and have a chance to win a special tour of the Kansas City Money Museum.

Research drives long-term ag productivity gains

Sector faces challenges after years of funding, innovation

Digital agriculture boosts productivity

Multigenerational farms quicker to adopt new tech.

Ag supply chain spillovers

Factors from one industry cause adjustments in others.

Environment poses risks for future ag production

Despite doing more with less, hurdles remain.

Ask an Economist: Evolving link between oil prices and U.S. consumer spending

The response of U.S. consumption to oil price changes appears to have become more muted.

More news

Federal Reserve System

Fed Listens initiative to continue in 2021

The Fed will continue the series this year to learn from individuals, households and communities about economic recovery.

Digital Divide

Helping households afford broadband access

Reserve Banks are raising awareness of the Emergency Broadband Benefit.


Into the spotlight: Contactless payments

Boosted by pandemic safety concerns, are these payment methods finally ready to meet the moment?


Tenth District


Officer promotions and appointments announced

President Esther George announced officer promotions and organizational changes.


Stefan Jacewitz joins Bank as research and policy officer

Jacewitz has 12 years of experience in banking research, regulation and supervision.


From the Vault: Echoes of streetcar era unearthed

Excavation near Bank reveals remnants of old streetcar line.