The Federal Reserve in June announced that it will continue its Fed Listens series this year to learn from individuals, households and communities about economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“During the Federal Reserve’s 2019 monetary policy framework review, the Fed Listens series of events provided valuable feedback from a broad range of groups and communities on the state of the economy and on issues related to our monetary policy goals,” Federal Reserve Governor Michelle W. Bowman said. “Continuing the initiative in years that we are not reviewing our framework will similarly benefit the Federal Reserve’s ongoing policymaking process, while also enhancing transparency and public accountability.”

In 2019, the Kansas City Fed hosted a Fed Listens session with Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell. Community and business leaders took part in a roundtable discussion with Powell and Bank President Esther George. Plans for the next Fed Listens session in the Tenth District will be available at a later date. Updates on the series will be posted on the External LinkFederal Reserve's website.